Monday, April 16, 2007

At Least I Never Did Drugs After Starring In Less Than Zero

I have at last been cleared to work. It’s only part time until my back is completely better, but at least I can get back into the rhythm of working again. I went into the Manorville branch and used one of the computers to apply for open positions, and happened to notice that there was a teller opening right there in my old branch. My manager did not say anything to me about it, however.

I felt really awkward and uncomfortable being there after that. If they hadn’t filled my old position, why wouldn’t the manager have let me know there was still an opening unless there was some sort of issue? Now I wonder if there were other issues that I would have faced had this accident not happened. Did Diana have an issue with me that made her not want me back?

I feel bad because Diana never got to see me at my best. Between my father dying, my illness, and the almost nervous breakdown due to insomnia and stress, I’ve been a train wreck since before she got here. Now you add in the factor of this car accident, and I’m like Robert Downey Jr.; damaged goods. No wonder she’s just gonna let me slip away. She doesn’t know that when I am 100%, I’m worth keeping.

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