Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Amusing Call

BLUE POINT - 9:39 A.M.

Relationship Banker: "Thank you for calling Fiscal United Bank, this is your Relationship Banker speaking, how can I help you?"

Customer: "Yes, this is Mr. Customer, I have an account with you for years."

RB: "Good morning, Mr. Customer, how can I help you?"

MC: "I received a piece of mail yesterday from you that is addressed to Valued Customer. What is this all about?"

RB: (Befuddled Silence) "Um, I'm sorry, but without looking at the piece of paper itself, I can't possibly tell you what it is about."

MC: "Well, I can't make it in there to the branch. Here's what it says. It has New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and then a bunch of numbers."

RB: "Ah, it sounds like you've received an updated list of what routing numbers are considered a local check."

MC: "Ok. (long silence) So what do I do now?"

RB: "Well, I would recommend you read it first."

MC: "Ok. (more silence) And then what?"

RB: "Well, then you can throw it out."

MC: "That's just what I wanted to hear, thank you!"

RB: "You're welcome. Have a great day!"

MC: "Bye!"