Friday, May 23, 2008

Error - Tracking Sheet Overload

My brain is a delicate piece of machinery. Maybe it's the excessive alcohol as a kid, maybe it's the concussions from softball, maybe it's the stress of the last 5 years of my life, but I can't keep up with all of the tracking sheets!

Having never been sent to formal training, there is a great deal I have had to learn on the fly. "In house training," they call it. "Too many chefs," I call it. I get instruction from four different sources, and that means I usually get four different methods for doing anything. And that doesn't include the things that no one tells me at all, that happen along the way where suddenly someone asks me about something and I look at them like a dog hearing a new sound for the first time.

So I am already stressing about which way is the right way to do my job, having to sort through four different methods to try and remember the right one. NOW, I have to track everything I do four different ways as well. I have to do a checklist for every account I open. I have to mark in ConnectionSpot what tasks I have performed for each account for each customer. I have to fill out a tracking sheet for my incentives. I have to fill out a banker book, which is basically a rehash of my incentive sheet.

Why can't there be one form for everything? It takes me longer to create the paper trail for an account I open than it does to open the actual account. I was told that Fiscal United Bank was trying to be a green company. All the paper we waste on redundant tracking is only part of the problem. There is a critical time resource that is being misused. Sure, we have some down time at times, else this space would have remained blank in perpetuity. But my brain can't retain enough details per client to put off filling any of these sheets out until later, so if there is a client waiting to be helped, they have to wait longer while I muddle through paper work.

Hopefully one day ConnectionSpot will be able to take what we've done and spit out all of the necessary tracking sheets ready for consumption by management. And actually, I'm pretty sure it already does, else how could our sales coach know if our incentive numbers are correct? So why are we spending so much time drowning in a sea of paperwork?