Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poetry In (Pro)Motion

I'm a movin' on up (or down, as it were, to a lower chair). I am being trained to become a Client Services Representative. There is no formal training for this, I am told, so the past few weeks have been me having my job explained to me by four different people four different ways. What's even funnier is that I am learning the way to do my job now, on our current systems, even though in less than a month we will be switched over to our new system, ConnectionSpot. So I'll have to learn the job all over again, from a computer stand point.

I am also told that one of our tellers, Billie Jo, is being passed up for this promotion. I didn't even know she was being considered, and frankly, it shocks me to hear it. She is not all that good at her current job as a teller. She gets flustered easily, distracted frequently, and confused copiously. She has differences in reconciling her teller drawer at least once a week, which for those not in the banking world, that's not good at all. Not the worst I had seen, but not up to standards. (The worst I've seen was Tracy, from the Riverhead branch, who had 29 differences in a 40 day span, and the only reason she wasn't fired according to Jean, the assistant manager, was because they couldn't afford to lose another teller. As in, because I was leaving, they were keeping a moronic Barbie-doll. And to think, I could have stayed there and enjoyed all that strife!)

You put Billie Jo behind a desk with an irate client yelling at her, she'll fold like an origami laundromat with a 2-7 off suit.

We shall see how the new position treats me. Hopefully it won't lead to another new position: prone.