Monday, December 24, 2007

Happier Holidays

A few days after the big sit down, I spoke with Alice, the manager at the new branch I am looking to work for. She also told me that Jean had a mouthful to say about me when Alice called to discuss the transfer. What Jean didn't know is that Alice knows me for almost a dozen years, and that Alice further knows that Jean is a vindictive and spiteful bitch.

Now, apparently, after the big sit down, Caroline had a bit of an impromptu meeting with Jean, basically telling her to shut the fuck up and be nice. She apparently had a similar meeting with Latoya. Since that day, both have been sweet as pie with me. It has been refreshing. I kept wondering when the other shoe was gonna drop.

Two weeks ago, evidently. Caroline came to me while I was in the break room as I was getting ready to leave for lunch and asked me how I was. She asked how things have been lately, if Latoya was treating me any better. I said yes, she and Jean had been much more professional. I expressed my gratitude to her for making it happen. Then she said it wasn't too late, that I could stay if I wanted.

I may have peed a little.

Not there, on the spot, mind you. On the spot, I simply smiled and said "thanks anyway, but after all that Jean had to say about me, I don't feel comfortable working here any more." No, it was after I had gotten out to my Jeep and driven around the corner. It was as I burst into gales of uproarious, bellowing, side-splitting laughter that I may have squirted a tiny bit.

They didn't even tell me my transfer went through. I had to call Alice on the 12th and find out what my first day at her branch would be. December 31. They kept me for an extra two weeks, because they needed me so badly. If I sucked as bad as an employee as Jean suggested, you'd think she'd have wanted me gone as soon as possible.


I'm out of there. In a week, I'll be in greener grasses. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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