Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It was very refreshing for Fiscal United Bank to bite the bullet and give their associates a bonus. For all the struggles we've had with our computer systems since the merger, it was very nice to know that they appreciate our efforts, and what better way to show it than cold hard cash?

I was the cheerleader for ConnectionSpot systems in our branch Pre-merger. I told everyone that while the simulation was buggy, that I had a really strong feeling that the actual system was going to make our jobs much easier and less stress free! Oh, how I want to go back in time, and see that carefree optimist that I was... and beat him over the head with a sock full of teller stamps. I still think that, once they eliminate all the bugs and activate the full functionality of the system, it will be a valuable tool. But the list of problems seems to be longer than the line at the drive up during a thunderstorm.

So thanks for the bonus, Fiscal United Bank! Hopefully the problems will be gone soon enough to keep things from turning into the Poseidon Adventure...

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  1. ::sigh::: I remember the bonus. It was nice indeed for Fiscal United Bank to show appreciation for the shit we had to deal with. Now two years later (2010) despite having to deal with tons more shit Fiscal United Bank rewards our efforts with $25 per person to throw a holiday party with. Way for Fiscal United to break the bank for us. Geddit? That's a pun. Har har har.