Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Good Ones

As much as I am not enamoured with every customer that walks through our door, I have to tell you, there are some that are really wonderful. There really is something refreshing when someone comes into the branch, sits at my desk, and leaves after only a few minutes, smile on their faces, problems solved. It really makes the day worth while.

I love helping people. I love it when someone is able to leave better than they came in. I'm a sucker for a pretty girl crying, and when I'm able to offer them a tissue and a ray of hope, and they leave thinking everything is going to be alright, it just makes my day.

I love the old ladies who call me sweet potato just for giving them their account balances. I love the old guys who let me call them by their first name, but thank me for calling them by their last name. I love the young ladies who think I have been in the banking world for 100 years. I love the guys who look to me to advise them on the best way to save their hard earned money.

Not every client is fun. But there are some that make my job worth doing.

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