Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Big Reveal

As most of you already know, I'm Kenn Beck. As fewer of you already know, I'm also known as "The Average Joe of the Banking World."

And Fiscal United Bank?

That's Capital One Bank.

So every time you read a page of this blog and think "Wow, Fiscal United Bank sounds like a fucking nightmare," realize you're talking about Capital One Bank.

In addition to all the posts you've read here, Capital One Bank has completely destroyed my 2012. I was poised to make 2012 my year, and through a series of events entirely out of my control, I am now unemployed, flat broke, in constant pain, and unable to buy Christmas presents for the people I care about. I have still yet to receive any official explanation to any of the following questions:

1.) Why was I passed up for several jobs that were posted on the company's job opportunity page without an interview?

2.) Why was the Department of Labor informed that I quit my job in March?

3.) Where did my missing vacation time go, and why was I told that I would only lose one week of it?

4.) Why were they unable to find a position for one of the top Lead Tellers in the entire district, one who had been told by every level of management that spoke to him that he was doing a great job, and one who was hurt due to the negligence of his employer and was doing everything in his power to simply return to work, rather than contacting a lawyer the first day and attempting to sue them into oblivion?

So a great big FUCK YOU to Capital One Bank.

Any Capital One Bank Employees who wish to post here with their horror stories are free to do so. Any Capital One Bank Employees who wish to post here trying to defend the company as a good place to work, you are ALSO free to do so, but just realize that I am replete with holy fire and will just make you look like the foolish ass-licking company dog that you are, because not ONE SINGLE PERSON I HAVE EVER SPOKEN TO PERSONALLY HAS ADMITTED THEY LIKE WORKING FOR CAPITAL ONE BANK.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. This site has now become my personal soap box to post anything Capital One Bank does to embarrass itself.

It's all true, by the way. None of this is fabricated.

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