Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Closing Shop

So it's been seven months since my last post. I am officially no longer associated with Capital One Bank. I am no longer in banking, either, apparently. I had a series of interviews with Astoria Federal Savings Bank for four separate positions in four separate branches, and was told that for each position, I had been the top candidate, but that the positions had gone to employees of the bank transferring to new positions. I have heard nothing back from any other bank (save a disastrous (in my mind) phone interview with Citibank). I have applied to (including those in Capital One Bank) over 40 banking positions with no success. I have had no luck obtaining employment in any other field, either. Looking for a job is now my only job.

Despite the fact that I have a college education, an IQ that has tested over 130, and the kind of desperation that would keep me loyal to an employer for YEARS based solely on the desire to never have to file an unemployment claim again, I am, apparently, unemployable.

The glow on the horizon is that Stonybrook University has posted three openings that entice me greatly.

One is for a Part-time job as an Assistant Softball Coach. I was an assistant coach for five years at Southampton College, so I can do this. It doesn't pay as much as my old jobs, but it pays more than some of the jobs I have been forced to apply for already, and it is only part time.

The second one is for a Full-time job as an Assistant Softball Coach. Just like the other one, but with more THERE-ness! It pays more than any other job I have ever had, and that excites me greatly. The concept of being involved with collegiate athletics again is one that fills me with great hope.

The third one is as an Administrative Assistant for the Marine Biology building in Southampton. My second home! It would be great to get back to that campus, even under its new management, and I served as an Administrative Assistant there for a year in 2004-2005, so I know it is a job I can do.

So I do have hope that I will soon be in a job that I love.

But for now, I remain exhausted and in pain, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, ruined by a company that I gave six years of my life to and was thanked with a faulty handrail, 18 months of pain, and terrible uncertainty.

I don't sleep much. The heat of summer combined with the stress of unemployment and my lingering back pain keeps me up most nights. I see no point in maintaining a website that details the wacky hijinks of the banking world, because they no longer seem wacky. Or important. And I have been decidedly and thoroughly ushered out of that world against my will.

I thank you, readers (assuming there are any left) for listening. I wish you all better luck than I have had, and greater rest than I have known. Thanks for stopping by.



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