Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not So Good Friday

I think it is shameful that Fiscal United Bank has made the "business decision" to stay open for a full day on Good Friday. The decisions to stay open on President's Day and Columbus Day are questionable enough, seeing as how the Fed is closed and we're just being paid to act as a well-manned night drop on those days. But now they're messing with religion.

Not that I am a deeply devout follower. I am as lapsed as my gym membership. But there are many working in the branches who ARE devout, who are pretty much being told that their beliefs aren't as important as the ability for Fiscal United Bank to collect three more hours of deposits (MOST of which won't even be credited to the client accounts until Monday ANYWAY because they are after three o'clock).

I offer a shameful wag of my finger at Fiscal United Bank.

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