Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Overtime? We Don't Need No Stinking Overtime!

One of the recent sticking points in our daily operations as of late has been the lack of any overtime. We are not permitted, for any reason, to have any overtime. If we have to stay 15 minutes later one day, we leave 15 minutes earlier the next (our head teller just walked out at 4 because she had to close for a sick teller yesterday). It is being kept on such a tight leash that we got in trouble for a teller from another branch working ONE hour of overtime while helping us out.

In other words, no overtime.

Except that they were ready to pay our delivery people overtime on Friday just to wait around for a shipment and then deliver bottles of hand sanitizer. Our maintenence man Barney just told us he was on his way out to Southold just to deliver a single bottle.


One bottle? Can't they just inter office this stuff to us? We can't get help when we have someone out sick and we have lines out the door, but they'll pay someone overtime to deliver soap?

I'd really like to sit in on one of the executive board meetings, just to see what the people making these decisions are thinking. What gives?

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