Monday, June 8, 2009

Wait Just A Damn Minute (Or Twenty)

So, as I'm sure everyone knows by now, we are not allowed any overtime. If we're slated to have overtime, we're supposed to leave early later in the week (with the glaring logical flaw that if everyone stays late one night, we'd have to close the bank early to make up for it, or if someone stays late on the last day of their work week, there is NO way to get around it).

Let's rewind two weeks:

My girlfriend Jillian flew in from a business trip to California, and due to a series of weather related mishaps, she ended up coming in very early Thursday morning rather than Wednesday night. As a result, I was an hour late getting into work that day. I was also slated to work Saturday that week, and because we are opened for limited hours on Saturday, that put me at 38 hours for the week, which, from what I understood, was the minimum we had to work to still meet our quota to get paid our full check.

Now, everyone on platform leaves early now and again. Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there. The time is made up somewhere, by coming in early or staying late on another day. I call this the ebb and flow. I generally don't keep track of when I stay ten or fifteen minutes late, nor do I keep track of when I come in ten or fifteen minutes early. Because I know that if I need to come in a few minutes late, or if I leave a few minutes early, it's generally not a problem. My manager is great like that.

My assistant manager... not so much.

So that Saturday, my sister invited Jillian and I to the movies. As the timing was less than optimal to avoid a speeding ticket, I asked my assistant manager if I could leave early that day. I stayed until after the bank closed, and helped get the tellers on their way to closing, but once there was nothing for me to do but watch, I asked my assistant manager if I could bail. It was 3:10. She said yes, and I left.

When I came in Monday morning, my time card (which had originally reflected the 38 hours) was altered by my assistant manager to reflect that I left at 3:10, giving me 37:40 for the week. It was NOT further altered to reflect the fact that I stayed late that Friday, or came back from my lunch break a few minutes early on Thursday; only my early departure was recorded. If that's how she wants to play the game, that's fine.

After confirming with my manager that A.) I was not in trouble for recording less than 38 hours on my time card, and B.) that I would still be getting my full week's pay, I considered the issue dropped. But I informed her that from now on, I will be more dilligent in recording EXACTLY when I arrive and depart, lunch breaks, etc.

So now last week, after recording exact arrival and departure times, I ended Thursday with 32:10.

Friday, I was set to leave 10 minutes early, leaving me at exactly 40 hours, but the head of security came in at quarter to 5, and kept me there until 5:10. So my card read 40:20.

My assistant manager made me change the card to read 40:00. No overtime, no exceptions. So it's necessary to record EXACT times until we reach 40 hours, and then it's okay to round it down?


  1. I was since called into the office and corrected by my manager and the district manager. My assistant was incorrect in changing my time card either time, and I was paid for the overtime I worked. After a few weeks.

  2. Carrie Felix7:48:00 PM

    I work for the bank Fiscal United most recently acquired, Fjord Follows. I don't think we are going to do the full re-branding until 2010 and we are also adapting Fiscal United policies and procedures very slowly. Could you tell me more about Fiscal United Bank? How are your products and services? Any other information for someone who is out in the branches?

  3. Carrie,
    Welcome to the family! Despite my ranting and occasional raving, Fiscal United Bank is a solid company to work for in these turbulent times. I was a member of the staff of Southern Star Bank, and the transition to Fiscal United Bank was an interesting process to be involved in.
    Learning the new computer system was a challenge. ConnectionSpot Teller and Sales and Service is a very self-explanatory system, but it was rolled out in an incomplete state, so it is always being updated. But for the most part, it is very intuitive and easy to use.
    There have been growing pains as far as our internal help services go, for a while there was a carousel of transfers whenever you called looking to a resolution to issues. But as time has passed, things have gotten better. The vast majority of people working at our call centers are efficient and courteous.
    Products is one of our strengths, as far as I'm concerned. We have a completely free Incentive Checking account designed to keep our card first in wallet that augments our Credit Card Incentive program, decent rates on Extreme Interest Savings, competitive CD rates with no catches that other banks tend to spring (like mimimum checking balances for best CD rates).
    On a local level, the Northern branch personnel are, by and large, still the same folk that worked for Southern Star Bank, so we still like to give that small-town friendly service, and the customers appreciate that. I have no idea what Fjord Follows' position is pre-merger, but I know that I am grateful to have a powerhouse like Fiscal United backing our bank. Stability is very nice.
    Like any job, there are occasional frustrations. But for the most part, the people we work with all help to get through the craziness and keep things sailing smoothly. It is a strange and interesting experience to see Fiscal United growing as a banking entity.
    Glad to have you folks aboard!

  4. Angelina Lookin7:55:00 PM

    i def. agree with this.. before this "no over time" thing i was soo happy with my paycheck and my job, for that matter. i loved the extra money and didn't mind working harder and longer then normal hours because i new my paycheck would reflex that. i def don't think its fair at all. They do the same thing in this branch, today i have a Doc apointment on my lunch break which hopefully i do not go over an hour, because if i do i was asked to come in extra tomorrow morning to make up for it. ridiculous, and like u, i always stay longer and come early from lunch or to work and they don't let us use that on our time cards!! the hours or min are made up somewhere . its horrible.