Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zero Problem Incentive Checking?

Zero Problem my ass.

My non-employee checking account was switched on August 12 from Fiscal United Absolutely Free Checking to the Fiscal United Incentive product. Since then, I have attempted to register the account on the Incentive Checking site and have met with no success. I am informed by the website that the account number I have provided is not a valid Fiscal United Checking Account. Several of my associates in the branch have gone to the same site and registered their accounts with no issues.

On August 25, I called our help line and was directed by an associate who's name I did not catch to Sal at the Online Banking Help Line. Sal then directed me to Sondra at the employee help line who then connected me to Kristen at the F.U.B. Redemption Center. Kristen connected me to the Enrollment Department, where I spoke to a woman named Maneesh (spelling likely butchered, sorry). She then contacted the Incentive Department, where I spoke to Jeff. Jeff looked into the account at great length, and after several minutes, suggested I email Deposit Operations to resolve the issue. I did. Today, I got a call from Karen McCall, who told me her department had nothing to do with that. Each of the people I spoke to was incredibly polite and eager to help, which says a lot for our telephone help system, and each of them saw no reason why my account was not able to be registered (i.e. the account is valid).

So why the HECK am I still not able to enroll? I have a REALLY hard time encouraging my clients to sign up for it if I can't even successfully use it myself.

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