Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mum's The Word

Seeing as how the entirety of Western Civilization was falling because of the contents of my work blog (a.k.a. HR got their panties in a bunch because they are too thin skinned to accept a little parody), I decided to call it a wrap on the Average Joe. Here's what the post said:

"Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback. However, some people have found my posts to be somehow offensive. Seeing as how I had no idea that what I was posting could possibly be offensive, it becomes clear to me that I have not yet refined my senses enough to know what is considered offensive. Rather than run the risk of offending anyone else, I will simply doff my cap, take a small bow, and step quietly out of the blogosphere. All my best, folks!"

And here's how my audience responded...


  1. Jessica McIntyre8:41:00 PM

    Well, I will definitely miss your posts. Come back anytime, and you can blog about the weather or something.

  2. Stanley Seek8:42:00 PM

    Agreed - the blogosphere will be a duller place without you

  3. Meri Coast8:42:00 PM

    I agree it will be boring around here!!

  4. Fraz Chekzal8:43:00 PM


  5. Carolyn Homestead8:43:00 PM

    I understand why you must go, but you will be missed! Good luck from Tampa, FL!

  6. Leona Jones8:44:00 PM


  7. Irina Lotahill8:45:00 PM

    That's such a shame; I'll also miss your news from the front line!
    Best wishes,

  8. Angelina Lookin8:45:00 PM

    noooooo!!! come back we all loved your blogs!!! it seems everyone loves ya.

  9. Irene Porazzi8:46:00 PM

    The blogosphere will certainly not be the same without you!! Thank you for all the laughs and best of luck with everything!
    Your biggest fan!