Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't Know What You've Got Until You're Mugged In The Parking Lot For It...

So we had a client (no names, of course) who has mid six figures in his savings account. He just asked the teller who was helping him to write down his balance so he could decide if he should go to McDonalds or Wendy's for dinner. On his way out, he then complained to the Assistant Manager that he couldn't afford more than Wendy's with the amount of interest our bank was paying him.

Oh, to have such problems.

He should understand that we have employees here who can't really afford to even go to Wendy's for dinner. There are some families that can't even afford to eat dinner at all. I wish I didn't value my job as much as I do, I would have told this arrogant jerk that he could feed a family of four at Wendy's for two solid years with HALF of what he had squirreled away in his account. Everyone thinks that working in a bank automatically means your finances are well in the green.

RARELY the case when it comes to the Average Joes of ther banking world. The good news is that Fiscal United Bank has decided to raise all employees to the minimum of the average of surveyed bank employees in our region. The bad news is that no one will commit to a solid date as to when that will happen beyond telling us that it will be within two years, by which time the average salary for a bank employee will likely rise just as much as they are raising us, leaving us still short of what everyone else is making.

Is it Friday yet?


  1. Jessica McIntyre8:12:00 PM

    Wonder if the customer realized just how ridiculous he sounded.

  2. Random Fiscal United HR Crony8:13:00 PM

    In the spirit of living our values, I really want to be sure we are treating our customers with respect. So I have to call this out as a case of you pushing the limits on that. I know you didn't say anything to the actual customer, but I still don't think it is a good idea to vent about customers in this internal public forum. I'm not in a customer facing role here, however, I've worked in those before and know how difficult it is. But no matter how challenging, we have to stop ourselves from complaining about them because they are, after all, the reason we get paid.

  3. HR speaks, and the Average Joe of the Banking World listens. I've removed this post from my workblog.

    Oh, and Go FUCK yourself, HR CRONY.