Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Excitement Is Brewing

Our remodeling is only weeks away, I'm told. Very exciting stuff. We'll be getting a vestibule, doors will be moving, windows painted, carpeting redone, new counters for the tellers... Can't wait!

I'd LOVE to be part of the department that travels from branch to branch redesigning. But I think my themes and motifs wouldn't be well accepted. Abstract design doesn't seem to be something Fiscal United would be comfortable with. But can't you just see how awesome the branch would be with nine legged chairs and a melting clock that ran backwards?

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  1. Nov 04, 2009
    Three and a half months later... we're still waiting.

    We're still waiting to be allowed to hire some more people, too. Even though we're short staffed, for some inexplicable reason, we're not allowed to hire anyone to fill the positions we have open. What gives?

    Dec 02, 2009
    The renovation has begun! Manager's office has been reconstructed, new wall coverings, new teller counters... ah! Change is sometimes good!