Sunday, July 19, 2009

It Figures...

I posted this on my work blog, The Average Joe of the Banking World:

The Bank is buying us lunch today... on the day that I am traveling to ANOTHER branch to help out. Nice kick in the pants.

The perfect end to a perfect week: Monday, I broke up with my girlfriend. Tuesday, hurt my back lifting water bottle. Wednesday, woke up with a migraine. Thursday, had every idiot in Blue Point at my desk, and still had the migraine. Today, back still hurting, migraine still raging, having not slept much over the past week, I am now going to another branch to help because they are understaffed, a situation I can relate to because we are PERPETUALLY understaffed, and I miss out on free lunch. At least the weekend...

Oh, that's right. I'm working tomorrow. JOY. :(

Does anyone know what the American-On-A-Budget version of walkabout is?

And my audience replied with...


  1. Ramses Tadaweed8:20:00 PM

    This may not be a 'walkabout', but spending the whole weekend (or atleast one full day) without using any cell phones, land lines, internet, computer (or any electronic device), etc does do wonders for the Monday morning return ....

  2. Ilene Porazzi8:21:00 PM

    Sorry to hear that.....Especially if it was TRULY a free lunch! No strings attached, like having to listen to a speaker.
    Better luck next time!!

  3. Ah yes, Irene, having read my blog posts you know how I hate the "lunch and learn!" No, this was a reward from Fiscal United because my branch exceeded it's weekly account goal! But the manager of the branch I am helping out bought Pizza for everyone, so it all comes out in the wash!

  4. Nikita Richards-Morehound8:23:00 PM

    How can I thank you enough? Everytime I get stressed or annoyed at the numerous life or death situtations in my branch ( ...your going to give me my $35 dollars back, you guys took my direct deposit, or you guys made me negative!) I read one of your blogs and instantly smile, because either your last or current blog has just addressed my exact same issue. So THANK YOU! THANK YOU!. And thanks to Irene Porrazi for spreading the word and heading up your fan club in my branch, she is your number #1 fan.

  5. Well, thanks, Nikita! It's always nice to hear positive feedback. I've gotten an occasional metaphorical "wag of the finger" from HR for some of my content (specifically when I address issues with customers) so it gets tough to express what's truly going on in the branches. But hearing that my writing is making others smile makes it worthwhile! Thanks for the kudos (which makes me hungry for the granola snack of the same name... mmmm) and thanks to Irene for spreading the word!

    Just don't tell my boss, or she'll find more stuff for me to do to fill what little free time I have. ;)

  6. Meri Coast8:24:00 PM

    I too want to thank you for making me laugh today!! A coworker emailed me and told me to check out your blog that I would enjoy them. And I have!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Angelina Lookin8:25:00 PM

    if i would have missed luch i would of simply went up to Alice the very next day and said.. "Alice, since i was absent yesterday, buy me lunch today!!" heheheheh she would have!! figures you'd be mad that u weren't fed. lol muahh

    i wish i could get a transfer back to Blue point i miss it soo much. :(